Crawford International School

Crawford International School

School Profile:

Crawford International School opened its doors to students at our new state of the art facilities in Tatu City, Nairobi, Kenya on 4 September 2018. Crawford International School is aligned with Crawford International that has been a proud leader in progressive and high-end private education in South Africa since 1993.

Crawford International boasts nineteen of the top achieving private schools in South Africa. Together we have challenged every traditional and conventional practice in education in South Africa with great success. In the process we have assisted thousands of Crawford students to enter the tertiary space with a solid, internationally focussed and sound academic foundation. More-ever, our students, or “Crawfordians” as they are known, develop a strong sense of empathy, understanding and respect towards their fellow human beings due to our unique approach to education. This unique approach has assisted our students to develop a stronger self-confidence as they adapt much easier to the challenges of the post-school world. Crawford International will adopt the same approach to assist our Crawfordians in our Kenyan school.

Education is never a static process and Crawford constantly reassesses curriculum and teaching approaches, adapting to the child’s needs and aligning with global goals and trends. Crawford International School is a trailblazer in innovative and forward-thinking education. Every student is acknowledged and offered the opportunity to excel. The mottos “Every Child a Masterpiece” and “Commitment to Excellence” underpins all. The child-centred approach ensures that our students examine and realise their own potential.

Crawford International School offers an academic foundation of the highest order and ensures that each student is developed into a fully-rounded individual whilst being skilled to interact in a collaborative manner. Cultural success in Arts, Music, Dance and Drama, is a cornerstone of the education that we provide, while sport is enjoyed by every sports-loving student and community involvement is celebrated by every civic-minded citizen.

Established: 2018
Location: Tatu City Kiambu
Curriculum: Cambridge International Curriculum
Type: Day & boarding Co-educational
Head Teacher: Jenny Coetzee
Language of Instruction: English
Other languages in use: Mandarin, French, Swahili
Teaching Approach: Encouraging independent thought and teaching students to think, understand and apply, to challenge assumptions, and to embrace life-long learning • Seeking to discover talent in every student, and praising effort and achievement on every front • Continually reviewing and renewing our policies to ensure that the education which we provide remains innovative and appropriate • Exposing students to a full spectrum of local, national and international contexts which will enrich and expand their respect for and understanding of their own and other cultures, and enable them to become effective global citizens • Emphasizing the importance of individuality and relationships with others to develop socially conscious young people who show mutual respect • Developing leadership and team-play through a wide variety of sports and cultural pursuits at both competitive and social levels • Implementing a school policy which is caring and empathetic, and which respects each child’s needs, dignity and rights where the link between freedom and responsibility is emphasized.
School Timings: 8 am- 3:30 pm
School Facilities: ICT Computer rooms, Innovation GO Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Robotics and Mathematics) laboratory, Dance, Drama, Music and Art Studios, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories, Multipurpose Sport and Cultural Hall, Library, 25 metre swimming pool with change rooms and pavilion, sports fields for rugby, cricket and football, basketball and tennis courts, Student Piazza, canteen, clinic, Kindergarten playground, A-Level Annex Classrooms are equipped with digital projectors webcams, interactive smart boards and white boards. Laptops are provided for all teaching staff. Students and staff have access to high speed Broadband Internet and wireless network.
Special consideration : Homework is viewed as an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding and skills related to the topics already covered in class. It is always purposeful and relevant and teachers provide feedback. Homework will be published on the school’s digital platform. Teacher have a schedule for each day to prevent overloading the students.
Use of Technology : [Reference in the classroom] Classrooms are equipped with digital projectors, interactive smart boards and white boards. Laptops are provided for all teaching staff. Students and staff have access to high-speed Broadband Internet and wireless network. Technology is integrated into lessons.
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Country: Kenya
Region: East Africa